DiscoTOC & Brand Header - using together

Hello dears…

Just a query here, as i am not a Discourse expert - only a big big fan :slight_smile:

In my website, i would like to have a top navigation menu… brand header… (and i am able to get it, using Brand header theme component )

But i also would like to have TOC, and i use the great DiscoTOC (DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents).

My point is… can I use both?

Because when i try to set one as default theme, it disable the other.:frowning:

Note: main reason i am trying this all is because i am trying to “emulate” a CMS to my forum… but i do not want to go WordPress Way…

And the top navigation menu will point to home… that will be a post

Point is:

  1. I want to use DiscoTOC.
  2. I want a top navigation menu too…with links…

Any help will be apreciatted. :slight_smile:

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Hi !
I think these are components and to be installed as such :sweat_smile: (in the components tab, and then activated within the themes you have on your setup: classic, dark, light, etc…)

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Correct, you can have multiple theme components associated with a single theme.

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Thank you @Benjamin_D , @HAWK .

I got it working, thanks to your advice. :slight_smile:

In the Custom Header component, i added DiscoTOC. (" Include component on these themes")

Sorry for dumb question. :frowning:

Anyway, this is a great community - with quick support even to newbie users.
Congrats again guys from the development. :slight_smile:


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