Discourse 1.4 Released!

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As I mentioned in the blog post – special thanks to @tgxworld, @simon, @gwwar, and @gerhard who contributed a bunch of stuff to this release.

We will be reaching out to you directly to send you some goodies :wink:


Great news… But we were on the dev channel while finishing our new website and jumped right to 1.5 Beta1… Still no proper way to downgrade I guess? Are we in DANGER? :wink:

Discourse 1.4 represents some Huge Strides to making it the defacto mailing list replacement. I’m excited and encouraged by the development!


There haven’t been any database migrations in the new version yet, so you’re safe to switch to the stable or beta channels right now.

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ok, thanks a lot for the tips. I guess we can go back to stable to be safe. Any pointer I can give to my admin & my dev ? Last time I asked, my dev had no idea about how to do that. :wink:

Look for the “version” parameter in the app.yml file.


Thanks again. I hope it will not break anything :wink:

Yea great job! The changelog looks mighty impressive, lots of really good feature additions and fixes. I do like that teaser for guests especially, and the various minor tweaks and optimizations, it feels like a very round release all in all. Keep up the great work!


I’m a little behind here, but thank you for the ability to style embedded sections! :heart_eyes:

I’ve made a few tiny tweaks to the embedded styles, and now our blog comments fit in perfectly with the rest of our site: https://ind.ie/blog/oh-wont-someone-think-of-the-children/index.html#discourse-comments :trophy:


Is there a guide somewhere on how to do this? I didn’t even know this was possible! :slight_smile:


Would it be possible for you guys to release the “dark theme” color codes like you show on the article?

You can find this here :


Discourse 1.5 Released!