Discourse 2.1.0 beta 2 Release Notes

New features in 2.1.0 .beta2

Script to merge two Discourse sites

We’ve been asked many times and now you can do it!
The script will allow you to merge two Discourse forums into a single site by importing topics, posts, tags, groups and users. Not ready for production use yet.

Plugin improvements

Translator++, Solved and Assign plugins

  • migrate to new DB.exec pattern because exec_sql is deprecated

Staff Notes

  • added a widget settings to show staff notes under avatar instead of in name

Advertising plugin

  • added CodeFund as supported Ad platform


  • removed old API

GitHub Linkback

  • bug fix

Invite Tokens

  • added explicit confirmation button to accept the invite


  • exposed thread count per process
  • added thread count gauge
  • bug fix

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Forced summary mode for megalodon topics.
  • Allow large icon to be uploaded in wizard
  • Adds a add_report method accessible in plugin.rb
  • Adds a /admin/reports route to list all reports
  • Show category page options on wizard ‘homepage’ step
  • Add jump to post modal on mobile
  • Update the webmanifest
  • New site setting, whitelisted_link_domains
  • Adds plugin sharing api
  • Block top level /my/ routes
  • Log user merge in staff logs
  • Remove more PII during user anonymizing
  • Add an option to create undismissable modals
  • Support disabling emails for non-staff users
  • New ‘min ratio to crop’ site setting
  • Improve handling of site setting secrets
  • StackOverflow importer
  • Add staff action log for post rejections

Bug Fixes

  • Post#summary returning posts from other topics.
  • Participants may not be in topic maps’s attributes.
  • Cubot android devices were detected as crawlers
  • Improves durability display check
  • Hides durability section in dashboard if backups are disabled
  • Margin on post-info should be present in mobile and desktop
  • Linting error
  • Don’t add undefined as a class name
  • Properly display error when post action fails to create.
  • Crashes with date conversion in reports
  • Nav-pill dropdown overlaps category-selector when both are open
  • URL with params for svg images should not be light boxed.
  • Correct display for unlocking on tl0
  • Add time retention limit to search logs
  • SearchLog: Do not store IP of logged in users
  • Alignment of user dropdown menu icons
  • Consider staged users mature (no spam checks) after 1 day
  • Reference example.com instead of somesite.com in examples
  • Discourse.keep_readonly_mode does not work for multisite.
  • Don’t try to dequeue an empty queue.
  • Remap shouldn’t fail silently when an error occurs
  • Don’t clear active connections in defer queue.
  • Discourse.keep_readonly_mode spins a new thread each time it is called.
  • Staged users are still tl0 but do not trigger spam if 1 week old.
  • Don’t punish a user for being previously staged for spam flags.
  • Duplicate_emails get overridden in new batch of import
  • Let user fields respond when their labels are clicked
  • Adds a title to composer actions header
  • Error if decorateCooked is called without a helper for a post with a poll
  • Displays correct upload icon when only images are allowed
  • Improve context when user deletes self
  • Desktop pin-topic modal not wide enough for date-picker
  • Show time on activity column instead of random number
  • Start_url was wrong in non-subfolder
  • Remove unwanted space in user notification items
  • Use the correct notification levels descriptions for PMs
  • Theme CSS should recompile when theme uploads change
  • Properly avoid n+1 query on flagged posts
  • Correct pool reaper
  • Pool drainer to use Rails 5.2 implementation
  • Stop using Rails connection reaper in multisite
  • Properly retrieve user custom fields
  • Improves micro data support
  • Staff see the wrong message when changing another user’s email address
  • Focusing input displayed after clicking on a link more reliable
  • Correct group membership on cards for admins
  • Properly handle invalid auto close date for polls
  • Add members button wasn’t working on mobile for non-admin group owners
  • Do not show SSO external_email to moderators
  • Don’t clear connections on the same process.
  • Clients get stucked in readonly mode if messageBus fails.
  • TopicViewItem: do not store IP of logged in users
  • PM participants listed inline
  • Add check for missing assets file in development
  • Discouse.keep_readonly_mode incorrect extends expiry.
  • Be more aggressive in checking master when trying to fallback.
  • PostgreSQL fallback thread doesn’t run server starts in readonly.
  • Notify all processes to fallback when PostgreSQL recovers.
  • Can’t boot Discourse app with read-only PG connection take 2.
  • Can’t boot Discourse with a read-only PG connection.
  • Ensure we have proper timeout for MiniRacer.
  • Adjust 2FA input width in mobile login form
  • Adjust max-width of social login buttons for non-English locals
  • Broken mailto href’s in emails
  • Don’t delete profile views during user anonymization
  • Do not show email disabled notice to staff when they can receive emails
  • Add support for string avatar_type values in PHPBB3 importer
  • String in server_plugin_outlet needs to be mutable
  • Uploading JPEG files didn’t work anymore
  • Do not use number helper for charts Y value
  • Incorrect backup and update times on dashboard
  • Slightly safer rounding
  • Makes format number round the value before using parseInt
  • User-fields layout in desktop create account form
  • Db:create was failing due to site settings
  • Removes buggy/unnecessary local-dates margin
  • User-fields layout in mobile create account form
  • Avatar_url includes upload_path twice when local storage used
  • Permalink route matcher should always be last.
  • Disconnects all connections in the pool before forking.
  • Do not verify group visibility when checking for mentionable/messageable
  • Import comments of 1st post in SE importer
  • Unable to add new poll to post with a public poll
  • Clean up stale UserExport records daily.
  • Sharing popup not showing on macos/chrome
  • Protection against dangling category group records
  • Always delete invalid upload records
  • Keyboard shortcuts didn’t work on subfolders
  • User merge should not fail when primary email address is missing
  • Alignment for instructions on change email and 2FA fields
  • Allow a user to remove their title

Ux Changes

  • Refactor topic metadata’s many floats into flexbox (#6018)
  • Rate limiter message will say to wait “a few seconds” instead of 0 to 3 seconds
  • Don’t add light box for SVG images.
  • Show quote button at end of selection on Opera
  • Reworks dashboard problems section to be in line with new style
  • No need to warn about username changes anymore
  • Makes sure close modal icon is aligned with title
  • Experimental ranges for local dates

Security Changes

  • Update sprockets for CVE-2018-3760


  • Help postgres make use of index in Post.summary.
  • Memoize TopicView#gaps results.
  • Add index_topic_id_percent_rank_on_posts.
  • Mega_topics get no post counts per user
  • Don’t display days ago on timeline for megatopics.
  • Stop counting participants on very large topics
  • Faster Screened IP Address roll up
  • Release results in a couple of cases
  • Prefer exists? instead of loading AR object.