Discourse 2.2.0.beta8 Release Notes

New features in 2.2.0.beta8

Ember upgraded to v3.5

We have upgraded Ember, our JavaScript framework, from version 2.14 to 3.5. Open a #support ticket here on Meta if you experience any unexpected issue on themes or plugins. Remember you can access /safe-mode to deactivate plugins/themes and help identify the source of the issue.

Image Optimization Improvements

All images uploaded to Discourse are automatically optimized to minimize their size. This not only helps sys-admins minimize the need for large storage sizes, but also decreases the data size sent to users improving page load time. Original images are not touched by this job, only the thumbnail displayed within the lightbox.

Important Note: Expect high CPU usage for a few hours after this upgrade due to image re-optimization. Sites with large numbers of images may see high CPU usage for a longer period of time.

Image loading improvements

Over the last few betas we’ve overhauled the way images are loaded within Discourse. Instead of loading images for all posts, we only load them when they’re on screen. Images are initially displayed as a 500 byte low-res blurred placeholder, further improving load time and decreasing bandwidth usage.

User-selectable font size

Need your fonts a bit bigger in Discourse? No worries, users can now select from 3 different font sizes, right from their preferences. No need to zoom in each time, Discourse remembers your preference when you log in.

PWA Compatibility Checks

Discourse has supported Progressive Web Apps for quite some time, but the requirements for it to work are fairly strict. To help admins know if there site is ready, we’ve added new warnings to the admin dashboard with details on what you need to update to support PWA on your site.


Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta includes 1 security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Escape title HTML for inline onebox

Plugin improvements

OpenID Connect

  • Option to enable verbose logging of the authentication process

Invite Tokens

  • Allow invite tokens to bypass email verification when redeeming invite
  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix

Data Explorer

  • UX improvement


  • Add support for Twitter cards
  • Bug fixes
  • Enforce aspect ratio to limit post “jumping” as oneboxes load

Backup Uploads to S3

  • Bug fixes

Spoiler Alert

  • Bug fix to support image lazy loading


  • Bug fixes

Chat Integration

  • Bug fix - handle mailto links in slack messages


  • Bug fixes
  • Add events for assigning and unassigning topics

Yearly Review

WP Discourse

  • Support new WP 5 editor
  • Bug fixes

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Allow staff to select existing message via ID or URL
  • Plugin support for custom icons
  • Allow extending CSP base-uri and object-src
  • Set CSP base-uri and object-src to none
  • Remove option for Google Plus sharing
  • Push post rebake regular task to low priority queue
  • Keep the topic in closed status until the community flags are handled
  • Add support for Twitter cards.
  • Use email_site_title in From of digest emails
  • Include "via <site_name>" in email From header
  • Allow plugins to add custom emoji translations
  • Topic timer for bumping a topic in the future
  • Add S3 etag value to uploads table
  • Add setting to bypass sending redis CLIENT commands
  • Remove global settings for redis sentinels
  • Make auth_redirect param options on user_api_keys
  • Tighter limits on per cluster post rebakes
  • Add rake task that resets ACL on every object in S3
  • Display error message when category restriction is applied for tags
  • Force rebake of all posts with images
  • Store thumbnail algorithm version in optimized image table
  • Allow custom HighlightJS languages

Bug Fixes

  • expandAllPinned was not resetting after visiting a category
  • use Handlebars 4.0.12
  • List staff users within the last month
  • Add meta details for user summary page
  • Do not show PM topics when moving posts to an existing public topic
  • Do not show full name on summary page unless the setting is enabled
  • Fix registration dialog popup for ‘full screen’ social logins
  • CheckEmail was calling itself
  • Previous annotations were broken
  • Show user avatar on User summary page
  • Correct copy for flag_sockpuppets site setting
  • Use correct version when generating file path for optimized image
  • Show title as home logo if title has been set and logo is blank.
  • Use discourse route_for function to check url route
  • Prensence was overlapping with full-screen icon
  • Ember3 regression, uses model as bufferedProperty for badges
  • Add missing “merge selected posts” icon
  • Minor regression when acting on queued post
  • Remove google+ from share_links site setting
  • Add missing copyright icon
  • Remove expired subscription for push notifications
  • Uses compiler version to force rebaking of themes
  • Show lock glyph to a user without permissions to see quote
  • Partial reply key search in email sent logs.
  • Searching email logs by reply key
  • Push notifications didn’t work anymore
  • Multisite DB was leaving old data in test mode
  • Bump onebox version for gfycat aspect ratio fix
  • Apply classes when lazily loading images
  • Match default <code> padding to highlightjs padding
  • Gyfcat onebox should have fixed aspect ratio videos
  • Add topic status to flagged topics list
  • Full page search results are unclickable
  • Do not show #uncategorized in category drop if setting is disabled
  • Ensure ember transitions do not get hijacked by discourse intercept-click
  • Migrate_to_s3 rake task with folder path
  • Enforce a fixed height on generic oneboxed videos
  • Add compatibility for bucket folder paths in migrate_to_s3 task
  • Remove trailing whitespace to fix build
  • Always serve new avatar for previous version
  • Set unique post key for a user outside of transaction.
  • Use absolute URL for twitter:image tag
  • Add more https hosts
  • Properly escape embed url
  • Better accept invite flow when user is invited via a link
  • Improve topic small header alignment in mobile
  • Emojis are hard :shrug:
  • BuildTranslationTree was erroring when translations overlapped (ie. “:-)” and “:-))”)
  • Emoji translations wasn’t working properly when translations overlapped
  • Prevent error when badge has already been awarded
  • Upload method in S3Helper will expect a file object param
  • Image rendered temporarily in wrong position while loading
  • Incorrect CDN URL for site setting uploads when s3 is enabled.
  • Posting without bump raised an error for TL4
  • Trim trailing slash from topic links
  • Show accurate error message based on invite token validity
  • Make full height menu and cloak respect custom headers

UX Changes

  • Use generic label for S3-compatible storage provider
  • Better help text for private invite-only instance
  • Reducing usage of btn-small, simplifying styles
  • Don’t save automatically when resetting site settings in admin page.
  • Close button shouldn’t get :visited color
  • Always scope the composer categories dropdown to current category
  • Search all categories even if category-chooser is scoped to particular category
  • Use default H2 and H3 sizes on user profiles for better hierarchy
  • Tag container should wrap if there’s a large number of tags
  • Moves topic-list excerpts out of category / tag div
  • Default search log index to yearly.
  • No need for margin if participants is first-child
  • Display user and group cards over the small PM header
  • Improve PM small header alignment with recipient avatars
  • Excerpts don’t wrap on IE11
  • Update site setting description to match current function
  • Remove gray background from lightbox


  • Reduce workload when optimizing images
  • Run sidekiq with nice 5
  • Run ImageMagick conversions with nice 10
  • Index on topic_id for user_histories table
  • Remove image optimization throttling from Sidekiq