Discourse 2.6.0.beta4 Release Notes

New features in 2.6.0.beta4

Bulk remove tags from selected topics

In addition to the ability to replace and append tags to topics in bulk, staff can now remove all tags from selected topics.

Allow sites to configure base font and heading font independently

Expanding upon improved font support added in beta3, admins can now set the heading font independently from the base font. This can be done via the wizard, or via site settings.

Explain to staff why invites are disabled

When SSO is enabled, or local logins are disabled via site settings, invites are disabled, as user management is handled by an external provider. If staff try to navigate directly to the invite page they will now see an explanation why invites are disabled.

Additional advanced search options

New advanced search options for min/max post count and view count have been added.


Styleguide plugin added to Discourse

To aid site admins in theming their site, the Discourse Styleguide plugin has been added to core Discourse. For more details, see Styleguide Plugin Now in Discourse Core



Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta includes 1 security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Ensure users can see the topic before setting a topic timer.

Plugin improvements

Many plugins

  • Bug fix
    • We’ve patched numerous bugs in many of our plugins
  • Translations
    • We’ve updated the translations in many of our plugins


  • Add markdown support for product description

Data Explorer

  • Improve group report styling
  • Don’t allow queries to be shared with ‘everyone’

Knowledge Explorer

  • Add onebox metadata
  • Add clear button to search bar


  • Make policy preview in composer clearer
  • Ensure new policy is always surrounded with linebreaks
  • Rewrite UI as an Ember component


  • Don’t grant badges to staged users

Code Review

  • Allow removal of followup button
  • Allow less restrictive follow up commit mentioning
  • Add “followed up” button

OpenID Connect

  • Add detailed OIDC request and response logs


  • Add support for Cognitive Service’s multi-service resource.

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Add category slug to body class on tag pages if it is part of a category
  • Add weekly bookmark cleanup code
  • Respect tags_sort_alphabetically setting when display tags
  • Add the title attribute to polls
  • Composer option to reload page and force save draft
  • Support using system font in wizard font step
  • Dark-mode friendly wizard

Bug Fixes

  • Styleguide is only a parent url and is accessed with /styleguide
  • Check for link target attribute on link clink
  • Resolve issues running qunit via rake
  • Sort using ruby to avoid N+1 queries
  • Wizard theme preview when logo is missing
  • Killing a Unicorn worker shouldn’t kill a running backup or restore process
  • Backup didn’t work anymore after a running backup was canceled
  • Error messages from editing user being swallowed
  • Disabled option for sk was not working correctly
  • Use new color variables in embed.scss, remove hardcoded colors
  • Handle .discourse-compatibility syntax errors
  • Observers weren’t working on admin email logs
  • Second factor cannot be enabled if SSO is enabled
  • Display correct reply count for crawler
  • Include subfolder base_path in web app manifest shortcuts
  • Make browser-update work with IE`<11
  • Favicon count was not updated when window focus returned
  • Use scope name when serializing UserApiKeys
  • Ensures insert hyperlink works with mailto
  • Ensures category chooser is working with non english char
  • Confirm new email not sent for staff if email disabled with “non-staff” option
  • Scheduled jobs not showing up in /sidekiq/schedule in dev.
  • Missing SVG mask asset in wizard
  • Group Requests loading was broken
  • Respect show_category_definitions_in_topic_lists in category lists
  • Include topics from subcategories in tracked list
  • Compare Jobs::UserEmail type argument as string
  • Use getAttribute instead of dataset
  • When admin changes an email for the user the user must confirm the change
  • Fixes regression where wizard dropdown couldn’t update
  • Correctly render title-less poll widgets
  • Find noscript element with crawler content
  • Handle poll titles when headings are present
  • Escaped mailto URLs would raise an exception
  • Disallow email invites if enable_local_logins is disabled
  • Always let moderators to see their group PMs
  • Deprecated overwriting of computed property
  • Validate category name on parent change
  • Makes dashboard periods use current day and weekly 7 days
  • Preload uploads in groups#search to stop N+1
  • Hide empty popular/recent sections in 404 page
  • Build was broken because uglify can’t accept let or const
  • Stripping lines from incoming email shouldn’t fail for blank body
  • Remove whitespaces around inline HTML tags next to text.
  • Use topic title headline in search menu result.
  • Clear notification of skipped narrative bot PM
  • Move hp request from /users to /token
  • Allow staff to use HTML in the category read only banner
  • Migration should only update ReviewableUsers where the user is not approved.
  • Allow .otf fonts to be delivered via cdn
  • Better error message if invite is expired
  • Deprecation overwriting translatedText CP
  • Make bundler CI cache setup explicit
  • Correct value of auto and adds nohighlight to the description
  • Invalid URLs could raise exceptions when calling UrlHelper.rails_route_from_url
  • Use correct locale for error messages
  • We were overriding the canCreateTopicOnCategory computed property
  • Empty highlighted_languages resulted in ["", "auto", "nohighlight"]
  • Correct corrupt encoding in emails containing attachments
  • Respect force download when downloading secure media via lightbox
  • Admin change email for user process improvements and fixes
  • Prevents scrollbar jumping in the emoji picker
  • Removes time from date in calendar range at midnight
  • When the user is promoted to TL2 invite to advance training
  • Deprecate whitelist constants
  • Dismiss unread respects tracked query param
  • Don’t include category in quote topic title, if present

UX Changes

  • Increase width & center category reorder input
  • New Topics Will Appear Here display changes
  • Increase input width on accept invite page.
  • Replace cog icon in user menu with user icon
  • Don’t truncate category names in search panel
  • Fix styling for posts and views advanced search
  • Consistent password label on signup and invites page
  • Show range for advanced search views filter.
  • Allow horizontal scroll on mobile post buttons
  • Prevent categories from overflowing select-kit
  • Center wizard vertically
  • Use pointer cursor for wizard buttons


  • Backoff background requests when overloaded
  • Avoid lookbehinds when indexing search
  • Do not enqueue digest emails when attempted recently
  • Introduce absolute limit of digests per 30 minutes