Discourse a a comment system with React Native and Meteor

Hi all,

I’m very interested in Discourse and had really good experience with it on other forums (like Meteor for example).
Thus, as I’m creating an social app with React Native (Front End) and Meteor (Back End), I would really like to know if I can “pick-up” the Discourse commenting system in order to have it in my app.

The target beeing to:

  • use SSO so my users won’t have to create a specific account to use it
  • enjoy the perks of Discourse :slight_smile:

My current search brought me to:

  • Disqus but I don’t like the fact they would use my users content for their advertising + SSO is costly
  • Muut but SSO is costly (and I’m just doing a prototype here)
  • Discourse…only problem is a lack of info on my use case :slight_smile:

Did anyone already had that use case?

Thanks a lot!

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I would look into the embedding functionality. That would keep it super simple. If that doesn’t suit, you’ll need to look into the API.


Thanks for the tip,
it is what I want except I don’t like the UX when my users will have to go to a forum to reply, whereas on most appyou wanna stay in the app and comment there.

I posted a question about that in th thread you put here :slight_smile:

@ibox how did you get on with this? we’re adding Discourse comments, i believe there’s a plugin.

I also wanted to use Discourse as a backend although other devs in my team are skeptical, did you manage this?