Discourse plugin to allow inserting AddToAny social buttons in topics.

Repository: https://github.com/sylque/discourse-a2a-bbcode

This plugin is especially useful when used with DiscPage. See a demo here on a DiscPage static page.


Follow those directions using https://github.com/sylque/discourse-a2a-bbcode.git as the repository URL.


  • discourse a2a bbcode enabled : switch the plugin on/off
  • discourse a2a bbcode categories : limit social buttons to the provided categories. Let blank to allow social buttons on any topic.


Two bbcodes are provided:

  • abbfollow to insert “follow” buttons
  • abbshare to insert “share” buttons

In the composer preview pane, those bbcodes are rendered as standard html links. You need to save the topic to see the actual buttons.


Inserts “follow” buttons for the specified services (see list 1) and user name.

[abbfollow services=twitter,facebook,instagram user=Grendizer]

You can omit the services param and provide a href param instead. In that case, the only feature of the button is to open the provided url.

[abbfollow services=email href=https://www.grendizer.com/mailing_list_form]


Inserts “share” buttons for the specified services (see list 2). The shared message will be composed of:

  • url param: url to share
  • content of the bbcode block: title to share
[abbshare services=twitter,facebook,email url=https://www.grendizer.com]
I've discovered this amazing website!

Sample Markdown Code

# AddToAny BBCode

This is a demo of **discourse-a2a-bbocde**, a Discourse plugin that allows inserting AddToAny social buttons in topics.

**Follow us:** [abbfollow services=twitter,facebook user=PCastafiore][/abbfollow][abbfollow services=email href=https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrkDYdIYJtnA81Oqup828qmlHIv6oTvSE6rAczwB2gsx-gDg/viewform?usp=sf_link][/abbfollow]

**Share this page :** [abbshare services=twitter,facebook,email,plus url=https://www.castafiore.org]I've discovered this amazing website![/abbshare]