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(J) #1

OK I’ll bite–

When I clicked it, it asked “Are you sure…”

Well, yeah I was sure-- until you asked. LOL Makes it sound like I should have second thoughts!

So what exactly happens after a user says Yes?

How does it work for high posters?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Why don’t you try? :wink:

(Mittineague) #3

I guess an “If you have a lot of posts it may take a while” could be explicit rather than implied.

(mountain) #4

I feel the OP’s concern may have come from something like: “Thousands of entries? Am I going to make a rack on your setup burst into a ball of flames if I hit OK? Are you warning me about that?”

(J) #5

LOL, yep, exactly! Are you sure? sent a shiver up my spine, imagining my PC slowing to a crawl (or worse) and my Internet Provider calling to threaten me with a charge of “over-downloading bytes”.

It would be nice if users could select a range of dates or by month, like my online bank uses to pull up statements. But as it stands, after a year of posting, I’m like “Be afraid…be very afraid”. LOL!