☁️ Discourse Air Theme

Have you made sure to go through this part of the theme setup?


Hi there, Love the theme.

How does this them work with discourse voting, It seems to be hidden?


Is there any possibility to change the header text “Welcome to the forum”


Yes, this can be edited in the Discourse Search Banner component :+1:


A while back I posted an issue with not seeing the categories on a mobile view (☁️ Discourse Air Theme - #172 by Jerdeman). I messaged a bit with @jordan-vidrine, but we were unable to get to the root of the issue. Hopefully someone else has some ideas.

For the details
Using a clean install of Discourse 2.7.11 on kubernetes with the help of a helm chart from Bitnami, and the latest version of the theme installed and configured as mentioned in the opening post, we do not see any categories on a mobile view and styling is off on the latest page.

What we tried
Besides using a clean install, we attempted to use some older versions of the theme as well. The problem however remained, but we did not exhaustively tried all versions.
We also compared the html on our instance with that of discourse.jordanvidrine.com , and noticed that it is significantly different.

Gut feeling
As we cannot use a ‘beta’ version, my gut feeling tells me this is a compatibility issue between the theme or one of its plugins and Discourse 2.7. I’d love to know if someone has this theme working on 2.7, and if so with which versions of the theme and relevant plugins.

Has somebody got this theme working with 2.7 and/or are there any clues on what we could do to get this working?


Hi. first, Thank you for this great theme :smile:

I want to change font-family, How can I do that.

I try this :point_down:

  • download this Theme Google Fonts theme component , and change Font setting on SITE SETTING → Not work

  • add @import{web font link ~~~ } code in Desktop.css, mobile.css → Not work

Which file should I modify to modify the font??? :sob:


I believe you should be able to set a customized font without a component here: admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=font

If you want more customization, I believe the google fonts theme component you linked would work. Though, the theme uses theme-settings and not a site setting I believe.

Have you brought this issue up in the topic for that font component?


Hello everyone, can anyone help me change the sizing and “fixed nature” of the background color on mobile?

The css for mobile is transparent on my end. And I just need a little guidance on changing the fixed background for the background colors.

If I’m not mistaken there’s a header background and a page background correct?


This is because the theme and its included components are fairly picky about how the site is set up.

In the OP I shared that:


is there any way to make the background an image? i’d rather have an image than colors. using

body {
    background-image: url("image url here");
    background-color: #cccccc;

makes the top of the color thing the image, but not the bottom.


What you did is fine to add the image, but you will also want to remove the clipping path that is created to give that overlay affect.

html .background-container {
clip-path: unset;

thank you! i knew i was missing something simple.


Great theme! Please, explain how your theme works in terms of speed and weight - does all your theme works by replacing (instead of) default html/style/CSS Discourse theme or when users load Discourse pages at their browsers your them include all default Discourse html/style/CSS and work over it as higher CSS etc?


We try to get our themes working pretty seamlessly with Discourse. I do not believe I override any core components or HTML in this theme and its included components. Most of these visual changes are achieved with SCSS as per usual in our themes.

Feel free to browse through the git repos of the theme and it’s included components to see how they were implemented :+1:



There is a bug with Air theme and the Chat plugin when enable chat it’s look like this:

Here is how it’s look when i make zoom-out

any suggestion how to fix this ?


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This theme wasn’t written to support chat, but I can definitely make the necessary adjustments to let it work properly with it.


I’m sure you can, and it will be 100% compatible with your Lovely Theme)


I want also to ask a question regard how could we enable the categories (boxed) down and latest up like this demo.

It would be great idea to change the Meta layout with Air Theme.


another bug founded in the feature tabs; when we using the tables of context layout

Should i note everything here @jordan-vidrine ?


Yep! Any bugs you find in this theme are good to post here.