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Yup, the light mode does not use the correct image @jordan-vidrine


Hi @jordan-vidrine and contributors of this theme, would like to say thank you so much for such an amazing and modern theme!

I realised that there is a line on the topic summary card (for a particular topic), after clicking the topic and hitting the back button from the browser, is this intentional? it disappears if we refresh the browser.

How do I remove it (is it coming from the styling of one of the CSS pseudo-classes?)

Thank you.


Hey. Hey,
Thank you for the nice theme, too.

But we try to have categories + some html block + listing of latest articles on our main page.
I tried searching here on the forum, but I still don’t know how to achieve it. Can someone please guide me?

Should I create my own Component or how can we achieve this?

Thank you.


I believe this is something worth adding into the theme. I will add some CSS for you to be able to select categories & latest as a category display setting, and the latest topics area will display below, like so:


Thank you @jordan-vidrine that is amazing.

And can you help me with the other problem? We want to add custom HTML block into HP (probably somewhere below the main content - under Latest posts). How can I do that? I know that I must install theme not from repository but from my device to do some custom changes. But than my knowledge ends.


Im not familiar with what you mean by HP, could you explain?

If you want these types of customizations, I would read through this topic, it goes into detail about how to create components & customizations of this nature.

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This is something Discourse Core added for A11Y, to know what was the latest topic you just visited. Because I re-structure the order of topic-list items here, it doesnt look correct.

I can take a look at this.


I think he is meaning “homepage”.

I read through all posts but couldn’t find the solution for this (look at your post ☁️ Discourse Air Theme - #252 by jordan-vidrine ). Or do you implement it by yourself with a next update? Maybe as a new component?
Can you please direct me to the post where it describes how to set it like this?

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If you update the modern-category-boxes theme component on your site, this should now be available.

You would set your category layout to categories & latest in order to see the list under the boxes.

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Thank you very much! I must have been blind. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you so much for your time.

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Do you think there is a easy solution to show categories and latest side by side in columns like on the standard theme? Thank you!

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Hi @jordan-vidrine

I have installed your theme but I’m missing the Dark Light Theme Toggle (and Auto Detect) in the hamburger menu like it is in your screenshot.

How can I enable it?

Found it!
It was this setting which hides the setting inside the hamburger menu.
Add color scheme toggle button to site header


With the dark color scheme is something wrong (or maybe it’s something with my pc).

With Firefox all colors are correct, but with Chromium-based browser the colors are somehow different.
It’s a fresh install from Vivaldi, so no cache was active.
Please have a look at the screenshot.

For some reasons I can’t upload any image (png). :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes:

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You may want to go into your specific user preferences page and make sure the dark-theme that is selected is the same across the browswers. Each browser stores its own user-setting so I am imagining this is what the issue is.


I’m sorry but this can’t be the solution because

  1. I did a fresh install of the OS and browsers on my Laptop, and
  2. I wasn’t logged in and I saw the color differences.
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Have you tried logging in to make sure?

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For which reason?
The colors are different in Chromium based browser.

Have you tried clearing the cache? And can you share a link?

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I don’t need to clear the cache because I installed the browser 5 seconds before I visited the site.

I could share a link but I don’t use it anymore so the problem for me is solved.

Thx for reply. I ment Homepage.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep looking deeper.

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