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Love the theme :pray:

I want to use the Modern Category + Group Boxes plug-in, but is there a way to rearrange the main page?

My issue is that all the categories appear in boxes on top, and the Latest section is below. While it’s really well designed, it might not be user-friendly for someone who is in the Community for a quick browse. Is there a way to place the category boxes on the left side of the home page (I know it’s possible to use the sidebar, but still) and then the Latest on the right, similar to the Discourse Clickable Topic plug-in?

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This is not currently possible, sorry about that!

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How would I fix the background? I narrowed it diwn to the Chat plugin.

With the Chat plugin disabled or logged out it displays properly. See pic 1

Logged in with chat plugin enabled

See how there us a white column instead of the background between bubbles and the blue is cut in the center.


Thanks for sharing, this is def. an interesting visual bug. Ill take a look


This should now be fixed. Thanks again for reporting.


Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all doing great.

I plan to install the air theme and check it on different devices, but I have an issue with how it looks on iOS.

Is there a way to make the background static so you can only see the blue & grey on top when you’re logged in? What I’m looking for is to have a grey background when scrolling down through categories.


This theme is meant to be used in tandem with the modern category theme component that is also installed with the theme.


Visual Bugs as of 03/31/2023

Update: Most if not all bugs are not caused by Air Theme, but rather a patch update by Discourse.

  • Using the latest version of Discourse (at the time), Air Theme, and Modern Category + Group Boxes.
  • All settings from the OP tips area are matching.
  • All custom CSS has been disabled to rule out any conflicts.

Bug #1 - Categories are displayed as 2 columns.

When logged in, categories display as blocks (1 column) which is correct.

Update: Not related to Air Theme

  • Impacts Android, iOS, and Windows-Chrome using Mobile view when logged out.

Solution: Updating Discourse To: discourse v3.1.0.beta2 +864

Bug #2 - Header is missing. Users cant login.

Update: Not related to Air Theme
Solution: Updating Discourse To: discourse v3.1.0.beta2 +864

  • Impacts Android, iOS, and Windows-Chrome using Mobile view when logged out.

Bug #3 - When logged out, the categories page displays the Air Theme pill shaped categories (good), and also repeats the categories using the original category style native to Discourse (bad).

Update: Not related to Air Theme
Solution: Updating Discourse To: discourse v3.1.0.beta2 +864
Result: This entire are is no longer displayed. Only the Air Themed styles category pills are visable.

Bug #4 - White wrapper around categories missing.

  • Impacts Android, and iOS on mobile view (logged in or out)

Mobile View on Desktop - vs - Mobile View using App

The html body #main-outlet css class does not appear to be compatible on mobile devices.

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Hello there,

I really love the template and i use it from maybe 2 weeks, and i would like to add analytics to my forum. But i cant modify the CSS for adding the google tag code from analytics.

Did u know if its possible to add it somewhere ?

thanks a lot for ur anwser !

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Hi, welcome back :wave:

You don’t need to modify your theme. Unless I misunderstand, you can set up Google Analytics in the admin settings (Basic Setup or type ga in the search bar)


What version of discourse are you using?

My testing site is displaying properly on mobile.

Logged in

Logged out

Do you have any plugins installed?

I am running “Tests passed”

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And as per your screenshot you are also experiencing the bug below…

All plugins disabled, and the issues still occur on multiple devices, cache refreshed, and also tried incognito.

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not sure about this theme specifically, but i’m running a live custom theme that uses #main-outlet css to make the white background in a very similar way (with rounded corners too) and it seems to work as expected on mobiles. i’ve set it a dark color and changed other attributes like size and the rounding corners (border radius) and i haven’t found any issues yet with how it looks on mobile.


My screenshot is how it os supposed to display on mobile White bubble around the categories vs a white column pane.

As I reported here and was fixed.

It was partially broken before creating the white wrapped column.

I am sure Jordon might provide some css code possibly to restore the bug if you prefer the white column. Mobile now for me matches mobile.

**EDiT: Looking at Op post you might be right. But the fix imho looks better as it flows properly with background. Perhaps Jordon can add a toggle for desired effect.

I have to locate the fix so my modified Air Lite theme matches. By like rhe Topic excerpts js was removed as it was excerpting all topics instead of just pinned topics.

I added Topic excerpts theme component to put excerpts in categories I want to have it. Unfortunately though it did not restore the pinned topics excerpts but many users wanted a default listing style for more posts per screen.


@jordan-vidrine I was wondering how to add your bubbles around the Who’s onkine plugin and search results?


Thanks for your reply.

It looks like most of the bugs were fixed with a Discourse Update that was released today.

I have update the original post to reflect the first 3 bugs which are not as a result of Air Theme.

The version which I am using now which fixed of the first 3 bugs, is:
Discourse: 3.1.0.beta3 (e014635a12)

Now that those bugs are fixed, all thats left is

Which is not a big deal at all. Although I still believe its a bug since Mobile View on Desktop and Mobile View on App/Browser (which should display the same) do not with the white #main-outlet style. I’m not sure which I prefer now. I’m happy with either outcome.



Is it possible to remove the search bar on the homepage? I’ve noticed it’s not displayed on meta.Discourse.org when I switch to this theme but I don’t see any place to edit the css. :confused:


@jordan-vidrine is it mandatory to modify directly the code like this :

.background-container {
    position: fixed;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    height: 100vh;
    width: 100vw;
    background: url(https://i.ibb.co/GCcS8Zw/Abstract-futuristic-Molecules-technology-with-polygonal-shapes-on-dark-blue-background-Illustration.jpg); 
    background-size: cover;
    clip-path: unset;

Or can I just use the form like this:

I try with the form but the picture don’t cover all the blue part as you can see bellow

Do you have any idea to solve this issue please ?

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Yep, this is actually a component that you just need to disable in the customization section of your forum.

This theme installs a couple components on install and this is where its coming from. You will want to look for discourse-search-banner in the theme components and disable it.


i do have the same problem with https://forum.francaisalondres.com/

Any solution to this ?