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  1. I’ll have to think about that one!
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I exported so that I’m able to edit the CSS. There is quite a lot.
Should I just paste that section in the common or just the desktop or in the header?
or carefully overwrite what is there?

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I would create a new theme-component in your theme area of the admin panel and add to the desktop css page.


My site is every post must be reviewed, but when I update the theme to last, user’s interface is show “post need review”, I don’t want user to see this interface, and try turn it off, but it still here.

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CSS-wizards… how do I get mobile view a bit less minimalistic and clear, it should look more like desktop version? I’m looking for some space on the left hand side.

This is mobile:

And this is desktop:

Some margins would make it look better and easier readible.

This isn’t new thing. It has been like this ages, but now my users have started complaining about it.

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what kind of device is that? seems large enough to handle the desktop view well, mobile’s really meant for screens under 600px wide or so

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iPad. But I used it only to get screenshot easily, because smaller devices aren’t ment to writing… But same happends with iPhone, other ecosystems aren’t familiar to me — but I’m quite sure majority of my users aren’t at Apple-camp.

And when it is matter of left hand side, size of screen doesn’t matter as you know :wink: Only that matters there is zero marginal.

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Got the same problem here, it’s been like this for months on my 2 android phones.
If a user log out, the UI will become normal, but when log in, the UI will become like this.

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I really like this theme and considering to use it, but with some modifications.

The theme is currently not pointing towards a License file. I’m assuming that since it’s officially published under Discourse, it’s a GNU license.

Is that indeed the case?

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Hi, @awesomerobot. Thank you for creating this theme! It is clean and lovely. I am wondering if we can remove the gradient from the banner. Is there a way in theme settings to do that?