☁️ Discourse Air Theme

Seems to fix it :sunglasses:

But it is a little assymetric

The blue vs red line …. But it works :grinning:

Ah, but we cant have that! :smiley:

Mind trying again? I just pushed another minor update.

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Much better - but then we have the gap on the left side??

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Then a non-bug question:

Are there any way to limit the number of chars visible for a post?

Lets say I only want one line of text og max 60 chars of something?

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I would look into css line-clamp, this should get you in the direct direction. From there, you can add a theme-component to your forum with custom css you would like to add to your site.


I’m loving the theme, only two issues I’ve discovered. It doesn’t seem to hide the text if a category image is present:

Ultimately, if it integrated with category icons that’d be ideal for me, but hiding the text if an image is present would do the trick too.

Also, the category to the right doesn’t have a rounded corner once the image is set:

(It looks like upon further investigation, it’s because of the image height plus the text still being there that is causing the rounded corner issue.)

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wowww! I’m loving the theme!

my team want edit CSS/HTML, but it doesn’t edit :sob:


Hi there Usia,

That is because this theme is remote and therefore cannot be edited. Read more…


As ondrejj has mentioned, we do not allow editing of remote themes. You can either export the theme and make edits locally, then upload it as a new theme. Or, you can create a theme component with the custom css you would like and install that.

Either way would get you where you’d like to be :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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These issues have been addressed. To update, go into the theme-component Modern Category + Group Boxes and update it. This should resolve the problems.


Great theme! Thanks a lot!

Is it possible to change the light grey background? How?`

Thanks in advance

You can create your own theme-component and add it to your site. You will want to target the background css property with a target of html body.


Your theme is very pretty and I just love this over any other theme present in discourse right now. But can you also do something to improve the design of User Profile. The summary page of user profile is very right aligned. Can you make the user profile as refresh looking as this theme?

I did solve it by


    tr:not(.topic-list-item-separator) {
      width: 100%;
      display: flex;
      margin-bottom: .5em;
      background-color: var(--secondary);
      border: 1px solid rgba(var(--primary-rgb),0.20);
      border-radius: 1em;
      position: relative;
      transition: box-shadow 100ms ease-in-out;
      box-shadow: 0px 0px 8px rgba(0,0,0,0.05);

ADD after

        a.topic-excerpt {
            overflow: hidden;
            white-space: nowrap;
            text-overflow: ellipsis;

When adding images to categories they show perfectly on computer, bu is doesnt show full image on mobile. Is there a special size which will match both, or what to do?


Thank you for this wonderful theme!

I am having a similar issue with category images on mobile (Chrome 91.04472.88, Android 10). The full image does not show and the category letters are not hidden. They are 550px square.