Discourse-antivirus plugin installation

Hi everyone,
I am trying to set up a plugin discourse-antivirus, but I don’t understand how I should create the SVR record. I tried to find information on the forum, but without success. Can anyone help me plz?

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Hi @Pro_Remont
I have a limited experience with this plugin, but the setting name is

And it is related to your running ClamAV instance



You can read more about SRV records with examples here

It can be also a good idea to cast @Roman_Rizzi as he is a main contributor.


Oh no no no, don’t mention team members please :pray:t5: I’ve edited that out. Once you make a topic like this, one of us will see it and do the needful :wink::blush:

@Pro_Remont why do you feel you need an antivirus plugin? The installation requires that you understand how to use an antivirus on a server and have dire need for it, else you may create more problems than you solve. It requires very complex setups and configurations, see:

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Ah, ok sure - sorry about that :+1:

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