Discourse API developers docker-compose basic image

Hey guys, I’ve been working on getting a basic Discourse setup for simply doing API development to Discourse API, I’m sure others would need it when developing SSO (Single Sign On) or Discourse API based calls. So I’m wanting simply a docker-compose up solution, and I’m close but I have run into issues with using MailCatcher connectivity for accrediting accounts, or maybe someone has another solution?

If others are interested or working on something “docker-compose” based and want to keep it updated, I would help, let me know, I can open source the configuration I have if no one has something better.

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For a quick development experience we recommend Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker.

That one is used by some team members, so we are responsible for keeping it working and in good shape for years to come.

Only difference is that instead of docker-compose up you will be running ./bin/docker/unicorn


Hi @Falco thanks for responding, yes I’ve read that page and a lot of others, mostly discourse docker this and by development I mean running Discourse to simply access the Discourse API, not development of Discourse.

Maybe an example:
I do docker-compose up and db, redis, discourse, sidekick etc comes up, and I can hit Discourse on port x, register a user etc. and get an email (using mailcatcher). So just so you understand it’s a base docker-compose that I can add to, like another DB or container for my development outside of Discourse. Does that make more sense?

In the linked setup, you do a ./bin/docker/unicorn and a rails server, redis, postgresql, sidekiq come up, and you can hit your local copy of Discourse with API requests.