Docker-compose.yml to run discourse locally

Hello, I have been trying to set up discourse locally using docker and I bumped into this repository GitHub - discourse/discourse_docker: A Docker image for Discourse

Unfortunately, I can’t find proper instructions on setting up a docker-compose.yml file. Has anyone made one? Can this be added to the repository? Or can anyone share if they’ve got it working?

It looks to me like the container configuration mentioned in the readme doesn’t adhere to the compose file definition, hence this question.

Appreciate any response or pointers.

The supported way to run it is to follow the standard install. If you want a local/development insurance with no hostname, see Install Discourse for development using Docker.

If you want to install using docker compose, build an image with launcher, put it somewhere docker compose can get it and have at it. There is a launcher command that will print out the necessary env values. You can read the launcher source to get the command, as I can’t remember if.

See also Can Discourse ship frequent Docker images that do not need to be bootstrapped?

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I am using docker compose to run discourse locally and on a server. It’s not totally documented, but this is the repo, and happy to answer any questions about it:

It definitely took me much longer than I expected to get working.

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Wow! This seems much more complicated than I thought. I unfortunately don’t have much time to figure all this out so I give up. In case anyone finds a simple way to get discourse working with a docker-compose.yml file, I’d appreciate that and also the readme of discourse_docker repository can be updated. Thank you for your responses so far!