Discourse app with SSO login

I’m looking at setting up a discourse board on a site where it would be embedded into the existing site. One tab in sites navbar would be discourse page. The site is entirely behind a login screen. Nothing is visible publicly.

I’d want to have the discourse install auto login and maintain user logins by main site.

That said, with a setup of this sort, will it be functional to use the discourse app for access, or would users need to login through the main site in a browser?

While SSO is the way to go to handle your authentication use case, be warned that Discourse does not work in an iframe so you won’t be able to embed it in another site.


OK so discourse will have to be hosted on a sub domain, fine. But is there a way in the Discourse app to login via SSO pulling from primary domain user data?

I just want to know if using SSO, it’s realistically possible to maintain discourse app usability?

Yes, that’s what SSO is for.