Discourse as a private email support portal


(David García-Navas) #29

Super excited about this feature, we find an interesting use case for this in order to manage communication with clients via auto-categorised messages instead of very long email threads, some of them with 0 interest for some coworkers :smiley:

Only one question: What will happen with emails with more than one recipients out of the community?

For example, client1 asks for support with an email to the specified address, but he copies another people: client2 and client3. So, could client2 and client3 see the topic in the Discourse instance? or only view the replies by email? I think if they view only the messages via email would be enough, but i was wondering about this.

(Régis Hanol) #30

If they don’t already have an account on Discourse, we’ll create a staged one based on their email address. They’ll then be able to see all the topics they’re in once they create an account using the same email address :wink:

(Anton) #31

So at this stage is there a way to turn the staged users ON and let people create support topics from unregistered emails?

(Sam Saffron) #33

Yes this works now and we use it in meta, @zogstrip we really need a #howto on this.

(Tobias Eigen) #34

I am quite keen on this as well. Look forward to seeing how this can work for us.

(Carlo Kok) #35

It’s working very well for us already. (http://talk.remobjects.com, support@ is hooked up to a private group)

(Michael Downey) #36

How does this work with SSO (e.g., external user management systems)?

(Carlo Kok) #37

@downey the staged users get hooked up properly as long as the SSO hands you back a matching email address.

(Philippe Rollin) #39

@sam @zogstrip was an #howto made for this? I can’t find any information about how to setup this feature

(Michael Downey) #40

… And if they don’t match?

(Carlo Kok) #41

Afaik thats currently an unsolved issue

(Robert) #42

Is this whisper in support-category already implemented? How can I turn a category into a support category?

(Sam Saffron) #43

There is no support category, what we settled on was using group messages as the “support-category”

@zogstrip is working on a howto which will clarify how everything works now and is configured.

Sending automatic replies to private messages for a specific user
(Robert) #44

Thank you. I think I will figure it out then.

Last question: Is whispering working for communication within non-staged users
in group messages started by staged accounts?

(Sam Saffron) #45

Whisper works everywhere, but whisper functionality is staff only.

Whispering in groups containing non staff
(Dean Taylor) #46

This has now been implemented, see here:

Start a new conversation with a customer not yet in Discourse
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(Robert) #48

Can you please provide the link to the howto in this topic here?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #49

Sure. This should be the canonical page for this feature from now on anyhow:

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