Discourse Avatar name_first_letter

This plugin adds the ability to use name_first_letter in site setting external system avatars url.

The default value for external system avatars url is


This plugin allows you to use


to have the avatar be the first letter of the name rather than username. If there is no name, the username is used.

You must change the site setting for the plugin to have any effect. It affects only users with the default letter avatar, not those who have uploaded an image avatar.

Install like any other plugin.

This plugin was working in August 2022. I believe that it is unlikely to get broken by future changes to core.


Will this change existing avatars or only those of new users?

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Anyone that has not created an avatar will have their avatar based on their name rather than their username. And if they subsequently change their name, their avatar letter will change. Everything but letters and numbers are removed. If nothing is left, or name is empty, it reverts to username.

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