Discourse avatar's usage policy

(Lewis Wright) #1

Hi there, apologies if this information is already publicly accessible, I did do some research but couldn’t find anything.

I was wondering what the usage policy was for hotlinking discourse’s avatar service? We’d like to use it in a few of our admin systems, but they’re not built on the discourse platform. The hits this would add would be miniscule compared to the kind of traffic you no-doubt already receive, but it’s only fair that I seek permission.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Thanks for asking!

We would prefer that avatars.discourse.org only be used in connection with Discourse, in some capacity.

(Lewis Wright) #3

Fair enough, thanks for your quick response.

(Matt Palmer) #4

Just an addendum: the code for the avatars service we run is open source and available from Github, so if you wanted to spin up one of your own, it’s easy to do.