Discourse-bbcode-color support for chat

Hey, all!

We’ve been using the bbcode-color plug-in on our forums and noticed that the chat plug-in is no longer formatting the text when the color tags are used. I’m not entirely sure if this was intentional or not…but I’m reporting it as a bug.



this feature is coming from a plugin discourse-bbcode-color, the change to make it work is very simple, we only need to add bbcode-color in this list: discourse-chat/chat_message.rb at main · discourse/discourse-chat · GitHub

However I don’t want to pollute chat with plugin specifics so we will have to create a simple plugin API to allow plugins to insert themselves in the list.

I’m sorry this won’t be on top of the priorities, I will mark it as #pr-welcome though. Let me know if someone starts working on it, I can offer guidance. I will also reclassify this as a feature and not a bug.

Thanks for the report.


Support for this is added in: DEV: adds chat support by jjaffeux · Pull Request #36 · discourse/discourse-bbcode-color · GitHub

Note you will need a version of discourse-chat with this commit: DEV: allows plugins to enable markdown features (#878) · discourse/discourse-chat@181fe28 · GitHub

Thanks fort report :+1:


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