Discourse blog comments like your blog comments

I would like to do exactly what you do with your blog comments with my own blog and discourse.
My blog is a golang markdown thing


Any points on how you do what you do would be great, I dont want to embed really I like the way you have it :slight_smile:


I’d start by googling “discourse embed comments”. Here’s one of the first results: Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript


Thanks Ill take another look. I did try first embed thing but it was not working as expected and that’s not exactly what the discourse blog does as it seems to pull in just top comments and when you click to continue conversation its much more seamless than I was able to get with the embed, starting the first topic to connect the blog post to the correct comments also seem to be a bit of a pain.

Can you try to be more specific? What exactly did you try? What exactly do you mean when you say it’s not working? How do you expect it to work? What specifically is it doing instead? What exactly do you mean by seamless? What is painful about starting the first topic?

Also note that Discourse threads with only a few comments behave slightly differently than Discourse threads with a ton of comments.

I think I am getting somewhere now. I have set up the embed with a dyanmic URL for the embed URL which is working well visiting each page on http://researchnot.es shows that correctly in the source.

However when I first visit a blog page the comments at the bottom from discourse say “Loading Discussion…”

If I am logged in as the same user as I set in the embed settings, If I reload the page the Start Discussion option appears and the topic has been created with the embedded blog post (great).

However if I am not logged and just a visitor to my site the page just gets stuck at “Loading Discussion…” I am a little confused

Apologies it does load it - its just really slow at creating the first time…

Ok I now have it working - however I was not happy with the naming of posts so I fixed it but I then had a series of terrible topics names so I deleted them but this just broke the embed as the embed trys to connect to a deleted topic as it is technically still there, so if I log in as admin it will take me there but for everyone else it is broken.

I think the embed needs to be clever and know that if topic is deleted it should create new topic @codinghorror

I think I may have to undelete all my posts and rename them manually in the short term

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