Discourse Canned Replies

This is a good suggestion. Maybe it would be worth considering limiting canned replies access by groups? I’ve also always felt it would be useful to let any user maintain their own canned replies.

That said, if you read back about post 150 you will learn that this plugin is not really intended to be very complex, and there is not much appetite for adding many more features.


And @tobiaseigen

I think one solution would be to create a clone of the plugin called Staff Replies? With a seperate Storage for Staff Canned replies.


I know I am late about this, but whoever added the search ability to the mobile version, I LOVE YOU!!! Almost 140 canned responses now, it was a pain to manage.


With this plugin, can I allow specific groups to use some canned replies? Such as the group Forum Admin can use the canned reply, @op Please Be More Specific!

If this is possible, please @ me! Thanks :smiley:

No, that’s not currently possible.