Discourse Canned Replies


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #127

I’m unable to scroll in the canned replies window. Tested in Chrome and Firefox on OS X.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #128

Same here. I wonder if it could be related to @awesomerobot’s change here:

(Kris) #129

Ah, it is — should be an easy fix, I can look at it shortly.

(Kris) #130

PR here

(Tom) #132

Hey - wondering whether this has been opened up to enable on different trust levels now?

(Tobias Eigen) #136

I’ve been working with canned replies for a bit and am creating procedures for my team to follow. I am really enjoying the UI which I think works really well. Many thanks and kudos to everyone involved in making it so great! :seedling:

Here are a few suggestions. Apologies in advance if some of these have been considered and decided against already.

My team uses canned replies mostly for messages to deal with inviting members via staged accounts, typical helpdesk requests etc. Often it’s a new message we are writing and not a reply. We have not used it so much for topics (yet).

Cursor position

This. I often find myself inside a message and wanting to insert a canned reply. I go to canned replies, insert the reply and then have to go find it at the bottom and copy/paste it to the place where it needs to be.

Optional internal title separate from title used in messages

I really like the feature that inserts the title if there is not already a title. But internally it would be helpful to be able to have a different title. It could have a prefix useful for sorting/categorization, and also some additional info about what a particular canned reply is for and who uses it.


Similar to tag groups, it would be helpful to have a simple category/group structure for grouping canned replies. The full list could be displayed by default, with a simple row of links at the top for filtering or jumping down to a specific category category.

Here's a list of canned replies I use so far, organized into groups. The title is the preferred default message title.
  • Accounts
    • I will register you as a member
    • What are you working on?
    • Welcome back!
    • Merged accounts
    • Change password
    • Duplicate account?
  • Core Membership
    • Core membership invitation to apply
    • Core Membership application for your organization
    • Core membership request for reference
    • Core membership details incomplete
    • Core membership approved
    • Core membership declined
  • Invitations
    • Join the Global Legal Empowerment Network
    • Joignez-vous au réseau d’autonomisation juridique de Namati (Global Legal Empowerment Network)
    • Participe da Rede Global de Empoderamento Jurídico!
    • Please come back!
  • Feedback
    • Thanks for your feedback!
    • How can we improve?
    • Please help spread the word
    • What can we do better?
  • Profiles
    • Add your picture
    • Complete your member profile
    • Complete your organization profile
    • Add your organization to the network directory
  • Topics
    • New member introductions :wave:
  • Webinars
    • Planning your Webinar

Personal canned replies

As part of my cleanup, I removed dozens of canned replies set up by staff over the years who used them for one-off rounds of messages that will never be used again. I think it’s great to encourage staff to do this, rather than use a text editor, so people can reuse canned reply text. But it’s not great to clutter up the canned replies for everybody. So the ability to toggle between personal and shared canned replies would be interesting.


We are rapidly becoming a multilingual forum, with spanish, french and portuguese becoming important alongside english. Other languages appear too, but we are planning to provide better support for these 4 languages in particular. The easiest implementation may be a category/group system (see above), but some functionality around providing translations for each canned message might be interesting.

Replacement Variables

This has been discussed above - maybe a simple solution is to allow choosing the username to use for inserting replacement variables, at the moment the canned reply is being inserted, for those canned replies that contain them. Name, Username, country, custom fields would be very handy to use as replacement variables.

(Jeff Atwood) #137

Hmm we should definitely fix that @sam

This might be easy as well, though it feels like an extreme power user case.

(Sam Saffron) #138

Agree, @nbianca can you add that to your list? We should insert canned replies at the cursor position.

(Sam Nazarko) #139


We’re using Canned Replies as part of our toolset to field commonly asked questions or help users with providing us with the right information to solve their problem.

It would be great if we could include images in Canned Replies instead of having to add them via markup. Currently, unless an image is included in a public thread (Staff will not suffice); it will be removed from Discourse after a small period of time as it isn’t considered to be used. I suppose that its first use case be in the initial post it is used in; but this makes updating and even discussing the canned replies initially with the moderation team much harder.


(Tobias Eigen) #140

Is that really true? I keep some images in the “assets for site design” topic that comes out of the box with discourse, and have never noticed them go away.

This topic, visible only to staff, is for storing images and files used in the site design. Don’t delete it!

Here’s how:

  1. Reply to this topic.
  2. Upload all the images you wish to use for logos, favicons, and so forth here. (Use the upload toolbar icon in the post editor, or drag-and-drop or paste images.)
  3. Submit your reply to post it.
  4. Right click the images in your new post to get the path to the uploaded images, or click the edit icon to edit your post and retrieve the path to the images. Copy the image paths.
  5. Paste those image paths into basic settings.

If you need to enable different file type uploads, edit authorized_extensions in the file settings.

(Sam Nazarko) #141

My finding is that Assets for the Site Design is an acceptable thread; but it is an exception. Using other staff threads seemed problematic. It may be permissions related.

So we could use that thread, but it could become cluttered. It would also be nice for an image to expire if a canned reply was deprecated; similar to if it were removed from a forum post.

+1 to your Canned Replies suggestions BTW.