Discourse Category Banners

Doesn’t this component pull text from the 1st paragraph of the 1st post in the category if its not set in the category’s settings? The default ‘about’ one. Thats always how i use it.

What about a plugin which auto-creates a default ‘about’ page for each tag-page. Would it be a possible, or a good path to go down, to create that and then point your plugin at that post if its set to work on tag-pages?

Yes, but Discourse pulls that text out of the post and I sets it as the category description… so most of the work is already done, I just reused it here.

It might be possible to get the oldest topic with a specific tag and use that as the description so the functionality is similar? I’ll have to look into it some more.


Hi, and thank you for this very useful component!

Unfortunately, I am having trouble with the banners not consistently being displayed. When navigating to a category from withing Discourse, banners won’t show. When I hard reload a category page, the banner will show. I have cleared my browser cache etc. but can’t resolve the issue. Any ideas what I might be missing?


Can you make banners for Tag?

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Am I stoopid… or is there no way to submit an issue to the Git repo:


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You do that by posting here with details :slight_smile:

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