Discourse Category Banners

Doesn’t this component pull text from the 1st paragraph of the 1st post in the category if its not set in the category’s settings? The default ‘about’ one. Thats always how i use it.

What about a plugin which auto-creates a default ‘about’ page for each tag-page. Would it be a possible, or a good path to go down, to create that and then point your plugin at that post if its set to work on tag-pages?

Yes, but Discourse pulls that text out of the post and I sets it as the category description… so most of the work is already done, I just reused it here.

It might be possible to get the oldest topic with a specific tag and use that as the description so the functionality is similar? I’ll have to look into it some more.


Hi, and thank you for this very useful component!

Unfortunately, I am having trouble with the banners not consistently being displayed. When navigating to a category from withing Discourse, banners won’t show. When I hard reload a category page, the banner will show. I have cleared my browser cache etc. but can’t resolve the issue. Any ideas what I might be missing?


Can you make banners for Tag?

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Am I stoopid… or is there no way to submit an issue to the Git repo:


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You do that by posting here with details :slight_smile:

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Has this request been resolved by this or any other theme component or method? I am looking for this functionality to give context to users landing on pages of a specific category i.e. through web searches or links shared in social media, and not going through the category main page.

I have two Discourse-hosted sites where I’ve replaced (via discourse category icons component) the default padlock-icon to be a Font Awesome icon. But, the padlock is still showing in the category banners—not just the one category I’ve shown from each of these sites, but for all of the categories where the icon should appear, I’m still seeing the default padlock-icon.

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I find a conflict between this and the latest version of Discourse ( 2.9.0.beta3) which occurs when you add an image a category or subcategory.

The plugin pulls the 1st line of text from the ‘about’ post into the banner. When you add an image to a category the latest versions of Discourse pulls the same text into its own header next to the image.

The issue this creates is that every category and sub category has to have an image and the setting ‘show description’ is turned off, or none can have an image as this leads to the description being repeated in the banner and underneath it. So its all or nothing.

I’m not really sure this is actually an issue with this plugin, or if i’m missing a way to turn off the image and description inside the category in Discourse so it doesn’t mess up my Category banners.

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I was able to solve the issue by using a different plugin: Discourse Category Header theme component

The final result doesn’t look as good as this one unfortunately. I wonder if the options for the other plugin can just be copy/pasted into this one, as the only obvious difference is whether the plugin is targeting the banner or header div. This one has better styling, that one as the ability to turn more options on and off and customise.

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What could I add in a custom CSS to reduce the line space between the Category and the Description text?

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div[class^="category-title-header"] .category-title-contents .category-title {
    margin-bottom: 0;

Perfect! thankyou for that :pray:


Would it be an idea to make these banners clickable? Because now the banner only includes the first line of the “About” topic of a category. Often there is more information in such an “About” topic. By making them clickable it becomes easier to learn more than just that first line. Of course people can create links to the “About” topic as well. But while being in that topic already, you then have a link to itself. That looks like an ugly hack. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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