If you have a custom Discourse app or maybe an app for your company, you might want to show a custom app banner to your users. Discourse only has the ability to refer people to the Discourse app using the Other -> native app install banner site setting, like this one:


The discourse-custom-app-banner allows you to configure your own iTunes / Android apps and show a banner for those instead.

The plugin can be found at GitHub - discoursehosting/discourse-custom-app-banner

This plugin was developed for RZIM Connect and @outofthebox was so kind to allow us to open source it.


Richard, I’m grateful for your professionalism, speed, and expertise on the Discourse platform.

This plugin provides our members with a better experience. Thank you!

I’m also grateful that you wanted to share this plugin with the Discourse community, which speaks to your character and loyalty. I am very happy to be able, through your hard work, to contribute a tiny bit back to this outstanding product and community.


I think it’s very reasonable to merge this functionality into core.

Two hidden site settings, that allow you to input android_app_id and ios_app_id and default to the current values.

I thought about doing this way, but back then there was just one Discourse app :wink:


Agreed, this is totally fine to merge in. We do not want to forcefully tie people to the one app, that’s not intentional.