Discourse disk space limits per user?


I would like to know if there is a page which describes all available limits supported by discourse forum, i.e max messages/ per day, max uploads/per day etc.

Especially I would like to know if there is a disk space limit per user. Otherwise user can just register and start to use forum as a personal ‘second dropbox’.

Thanks for your hard work, discourse team! You’re amazing.

Check out this topic (note that the figures given there are the defaults. Site admins may have modified them in any particular discourse instance):


Thanks for the link, but as I see there are not limits on upload/download mega/giga-bytes per user.

This is something I’ve also pondered.

There’s no inherent limits on this kind of thing, but you could do Data Explorer queries on uploaded content and analysis on the web server logs (you can have them capture the logged-in username) to watch for abuse if you’re concerned about it.


Data Explorer queries…hm, could you please give me a link so I could read a bit more about it.
Maybe you are talking about Prometheus Plugin?

This plugin here:


There are not, but I know @meglio has struggled with users who upload tons and tons of images in private messages. So it is an area we could probably do more work in.


Is there any update on this topic?
My forum does not face this issue yet actually.
but it will be great if we have someway to limit the user upload or disable them put image in private message

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