Discourse Docker Manager Plugin


(Sam Saffron) #1

Location: GitHub - discourse/docker_manager: plugin for use with discourse docker image

Author: @sam

Provides basic monitoring and upgrade facilities to Discourse instances hosted using our Docker template: GitHub - discourse/discourse_docker: A Docker image for Discourse

Screen Shot:

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #2

Are there any download/setup instructions?

(Sam Saffron) #3

Not really, just use our default docker setup and it is there.

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #4

Then how do I access it? I see the option to update docker in the Admin panel, but the image you provided looks completely different.

(Sam Saffron) #5

go to /admin/docker

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #6

Oh, ok. This is nice! What about down time? Will the site be down at all for any amount of time or is this a background process? (My databases are on another server)

(Sam Saffron) #7

Site will not be down, see the following blog post for a technical lowdown.


(Manthan Mallikarjun) #8

Awesome, thanks a lot!

(EW 👌) #9

I just came through this by chance, so I did /admin/docker but its redirected me to /admin/upgrade. There was no button to start Upgrade, instead it was Currently Upgrading... by default.

Note: At my first visit it was writing, Last Updated 5 days ago, 0 new commits.

When I click Currently Upgrading, to see the process I’m getting the following page with black empty content for almost 40min.:

If I click the tab of Processes, there is some logs but no more updating (as seen below):

So I’m confused about what is going on. Do I have a problem or not?

(cpradio) #10

That is likely due to a bad state being saved if a prior upgrade failed. Just click reset upgrade, and refresh the Versions tab. If there are any new updates available, it should let you upgrade again

(EW 👌) #11

Thank for your reply. I’ll apply as per your instruction.

Just for clarification;

  • It was my first visit to this link. How come it had prior failed upgrade?

  • AFAIK there is no such docker update warning at the Admin page neither its updated while rebuild, how we could be alerted of a new update? How often we better to visit this /admin/docker link?

(cpradio) #12

There is an update notification for core when new beta versions are pushed out, not when commits are pushed. That is generally the best clue to visit the page (and it provides a link to said page when that happens).

As for how did it fail before… could have failed during a rebuild, I’m not 100% certain to be honest, too many possible reasons for that outcome.

(EW 👌) #13

That’s great! Thanks.

I just clicked reset upgrade and when I refreshed the Versions tab it showed me everything is up to date. Without the need to upgrade! I hope this is fine behavior too!

(RBoy) #14

@sam since this plugin is part of the core installation wouldn’t it make sense to remove it from the #official list lest someone installs it accidentally without realizing that it’s already part of core which, I don’t know but I’m guessing, may lead to a rebuild failure?

(Sam Saffron) #15

It is not in core, just in the core sample template

(RBoy) #16

When I did a stock install of docker it installed docker manager also (/admin/upgrade) so I’m assuming the sample template makes it way into the rebuild automatically.

Okay bear with me, so would that mean if I accidentally installed this in the app.yml file it wouldn’t conflict or make a difference?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #17

It is on the app.yml by default, actually it’s the only line there on the plugins section!

(RBoy) #18

Great, so just for clarify wouldn’t it make sense to remove it from the list of official plugins or atleast indicate in the title that this plugin comes installed by default. Some like [PreInstalled] or [Installed by Default] or [Part of Core] in the prefix to the Title.

This would help first time users know which are official plugins and which of those some preinstalled so they don’t end up accidentally trying to install it.

It would also help in future when plugins move from official to core to identify which ones have moved and then one can adjust the files configuration appropriately.

It’s an easier way to keep track, e.g. the voting or solved or spolier plugins which to me sound like at some point should be part of core because they are so in tune with what discourse seems to represent, when that does happen there needs to be an Easy way to know that the migration has happened.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #19

We have no plans on adding this plugins to core. Solved and voting make no sense in many forums.

I never saw anyone with this problem here on Meta, because you have a list with one line, what are the odds of someone adding a identical line just below it? Also, the clone will fail and the error message is pretty explicit on a new rebuild:

fatal: destination path 'docker-manager' already exists and is not an empty directory

Also, docker-manager will never be on core Discourse because it makes no sense if you are using a custom hosting scheme.

(RBoy) #20

It may not always be below, it could be 5 lines below depending upon the order you decide to install and how many. You can’t preclude that fact that there may be other plugins which come preinstalled, today it’s one as I understand.

Sounds like we’re debating the benefit of

  • someone who may be new to linux/discourse and spending minutes/hours debugging (possibly leading to a post on the forum) V/S
  • adding a Prefix to a plugin’s Title on the #official list that it comes preinstalled

Just feedback, simpler/clearer = avoid mistakes to being with = reduce frustration = happier experience :slight_smile: