Discourse embed not working in Chrome/Brave

Related to Error Embedding for existing posts

Discourse embeds on my site work well in Firefox and Safari, but do not work in Chrome and Brave. I think I started noticing this problem in Brave/Chrome a few months back.

Here’s an example post rOpenSci | When Field or Lab Work is not an Option - Leveraging Open Data Resources for Remote Research - There should be embedded comments at the bottom of the blog post text.

In the iframe head there is a meta tag. Where the embed is working it has

<meta id="data-embedded" data-referer="https://ropensci.org/blog/2020/05/19/covid-19-open-data/">

And where the embed results in an error message it has

<meta id="data-embedded" data-referer>

Any solution to this problem? Is this just a browser problem and not related to Discourse?

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Thanks! That fixed it

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