Discourse Failing to Work

Hi, I’ve recently been met with issues on my Discourse forum. For example, settings not saving, user accounts not loading, and pages not loading.

Any help with this would be appreciated, thanks!

Can you show additional details? For example if there are errors in the developer console? :thinking:


Is your app up and running? If it’s stopped for some reason you can try restarting it by SSH-ing into your server and running:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher start app

Nothing to do, your container has already started!
A few pages work and a few don’t.

When I try and access the address it’s showing up as a ‘connection not secure’, so I’m thinking it could be a letsencrypt issue. If you’ve rebuilt a lot to fix/tweak things during the setup process it can trigger the letsencrypt rate limit. There is a cheeky workaround if you don’t want to wait a week for it to reset (or install on a new subdomain). If you add a second subdomain to your app.yml (like below) letsencrypt will treat it like a new certificate request, which should allow you to sidestep the rate limit:


Is my SSL fixed now? I’m still having issues with pages not loading and settings not saving.

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I can access your site now. :+1: I’ve also had a click around and I can view usercards, topics, etc

Can you give some more detail about which settings you’re trying to save or which pages aren’t loading? Can you check the browser console for any errors as you try and perform actions and see if that shows anything.

The other general pointer is to try the same things in safe mode and see if any plugins or theme components are having any effect.


Ah, it seems as though my site just needed an extra 30 minutes or so to recalibrate itself. Thanks for your help man.


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