Discourse-fingerprint -- what is it telling me?

I have a user interested in https://github.com/discourse/discourse-fingerprint to keep track of sock puppets and such.

I installed the plugin but it just gives a list of “matches”, but I can’t tell what is matching what. Clicking on a user in the list doesn’t change anything.

Is it that all of those users have the same fingerprint?

I thought that I’d seen a topic about this plugin here, but I can’t find it now. The plugin itself links to meta and not a particular topic.

Did you check the description of the project?

Not today, as I was unable to find it. It’s closed and doesn’t link to the repo. I sort of remember it, though.

So I’d think that there’d be some indication which users share the same fingerprints, but either all of the users identified have the same fingerprint, or I simply don’t understand the interface.

I think I remember something that suggested that everyone using . . . uh, some Apple product (iPhone, maybe?) would have the same fingerprint, so maybe these are all people using Discourse from an iPhone?

Are you referring to this?


Yes. My only guess is that all users that I see use iOS and have the same fingerprint.

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iOS definitely makes fingerprinting very difficult by design.


Kind of highlights how poorly apple are doing on the desktop.

We’re well past the point where browsers need to know about locally installed third-party fonts.


Firefox is going to make fingerprinting harder very soon