Discourse for self hosting

Hey guys,

we search a community software and want to use discourse. Some questions:

  • Is it possible to host discourse on our servers with docker?
  • For our Authenticationssystem we use keycloak. Can we use them with discours
  • can we create “groups” for customers. So that someone can only see or access special rooms?

Thanks for the support


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Yes, you can host Discourse on your servers… we have an official install guide

Probably! it appears that keycloak supports OAuth 2, which works with Discourse – OAuth2 Basic Support

Yes, you can create groups and use them to control access to specific categories (How to use category security settings to create private categories). Groups can also communicate among their members using PMs.

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Thx Kris. Can we change the UI and install languages?

Keycloak use oauth and sso. When a user is logged in, it should be able that he can access all our applications, for example Discourse

Yes, we have a theming system that lets you change the UI… these guides may help:

Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes
Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes

For languages, you can change the default UI language using the admin setting called default locale and on an individual level users can change their language in their preferences.

Our translations are crowdsourced from the community, and the list of available languages (and their completion) is available here: Crowdin Enterprise

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Awesome, thank you Kris