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Thanks for the PR @tnoor-co!

Thinking about this, since Tenor V1 API keys are impossible to get now even maintaining this theme component Tenor V1 part will become a hassle, as a developer needs a working API to test it locally.

With that in mind I’d say we remove Tenor V1 from the component now. Admins using Tenor like @PaulinaMX can hold on the update and get a V2 API key before updating. We can also keep a tenor-v1 branch around for a while for people that need it.

What do you think @merefield ?



Whilst keeping in mind that @tnoor-co has put a massive amount of effort in here (and I fear asking him to do more), my hunch tells me we should probably go for broke and remove V1 code entirely for the sake of keeping simplicity & clarity of settings and code in the main branch.

It just feels like a lot of complexity to avoid the inevitable :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me. I’ll push an update this week to remove v1 completely.


Tenor V1 support removed and Tenor V2 added thanks to @tnoor-co!

Season 9 Thank You GIF by The Office


why can’t I use the tenor and this appears?


We experience the same issue for months and have no “GIF” icon in our composer.

It was reported here:

and here:

But it seems like the problem affects very small amount of people and nobody can help identifying it…

We don’t even have the directory system tries to find SVG in.

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What’s interesting is that gif.svg in the component repository is totally blank itself:

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It also may be the component is not S3 compatible, but I am not sure. It worked before, it stopped working correctly some time back in 2022 when it was first reported here.

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Meta uses S3 and the icon works here.

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