Discourse google drive Backup plugin

(Jay Abie) #1

Hello friends,

one day i found here a plugin the allows backups to google drive but now i cant find it,
can you help me and add the link for me here ?

also a question about the plugin ability:
in wordpress vaultpress backups everything, when you lose the entire website you can bring it back in one click, can this plugin do the same.
in the other word can you restore the database, users, posts, style and even the media file ?
can i bring back the entire website in one click ?

Thanks in adance.

Synchronizer-base for any backup provider
(Jay Pfaffman) #2

search “#plugin backup”. Find Synchronizer-base for any backup provider.

A Discourse backup has everything in it except the Discourse application itself. You need a copy of your app.yml for a full rebuild.

(Jay Abie) #3

This includes media file also ? images for example inside the posts.

(Jay Abie) #4

The back up finished but the files are not showing in google drive !!
any ideas ?

(Jay Abie) #5

Dear Sir,

I finished everything according to the instruction see the pictures of the backups on google drive from my admin panel

but as i said i cant find the backup files in the google drive storage.
also when i downloaded the backup files these showing on the picture am getting them directly from my server not from google drive.

please advise.

Synchronizer-base for any backup provider
Synchronizer-base for any backup provider
(Jay Pfaffman) #6

Sorry. I don’t have any ideas. Perhaps check the logs.

(Jay Abie) #7

how i can check it ? so i can share it here to find a solution.

(Christoph) #8

Try this workaround: