Discourse index

I think potential site owner may be the target audience. Folks who want to see what other sites are using discourse and how they are using it, in order to help them make the decision about whether to try using it themselves.


I agree the use case is a bit nebulous and the most urgent one is covered by our (fairly large these days!) customer directory.

That is probably why we had have not made a ton of progress other than these cool mockups.


Very much so. It hasn’t been discussed much publicly yet but functionality tags would probably be a far more important filter mechanism in this index as opposed to general market fit.

E.g. filter for sites with:

  • WP-Discourse
  • Custom header
  • Custom theme
  • Good use of a feature (wiki, timed closing etc.)
  • Plugin X (start with some big ones like Solved and Patreon. Maybe custom ones too like Topic List and Babble)
  • Latest/categories/hybrid landing page
  • SSO / private areas
  • Top 1% traffic (very frequently asked question here)
  • Migrated from {other_community_platform}

Prospective community owners with a certain combo of customizations/features in mind want to see other sites already doing it so they know for sure they’re not planning the impossible.