Discourse install another hosting

Can you help me for hosting migration linode or digitalocean from cloudways. Because Cloudways doesn’t support docker for now. I want to use discourse my website and my visitors. Can anybody help me ? :slight_smile:

@incendies, apologies, but your request is unclear. Are you looking to install a new Discourse site on Linode or Digital Ocean, or do you have an existing install that you want to move to Linode or Digital Ocean from Cloudways?

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i’m looking for help for move my hosting to linode or digitalocean because i’m afraid to crash my website database. And then i install to discourse

I’m sorry. I’m still confused.

Do you currently have Discourse installed?

If you currently have a website running at a provider that doesn’t support docker and you want to add a discourse forum to that website, you don’t need to migrate everything to a new provider. You can just setup your forum at another provider and keep your existing website where it is. In fact, it’s easier that way anyway.


yes. I completed this issue. :slight_smile: Thanks for everyone