Discourse is like family!

It can be incredible… this amazing supportive, rewarding community of people regularly giving you the warm fuzzies.

And it’s also often confusing, frustrating and sometimes unnecessarily complex, with a few ongoing communication issues!

But if anyone criticises it… HOLY MOLY… my knives are out!

BACK OFFFFFF PAL, this is MY wonderful dysfunctional family, MY PRECIOUS!!!

Yeah sure “Everything” makes no sense, and what the hell is the difference between Latest, New, Unread for new users and don’t get me started on topic vs. post but BY GOD is that Sidebar going to be GLORIOUS some day soon and is anything else out there even 5% as adaptable and flexible and just [swear-word] awesome: no, not even close.

So all power to you all, thank you for everything you do… I’m off to toast you all with a pint and it’s not even lunchtime.