Discourse Link previews through a proxy server?

(Michael Brown) #21

Sure, but which of those 4 billion IPs is the right one if you can’t tell them apart?

With proper opsec (e.g. firewall rules to only allow Cloudflare in and whitelisted traffic out) means you will be pretty safe. Until you aren’t because you missed a leak :slight_smile:

For example, better proxy all your DNS as well.

(Stephen Chung) #22

Guess I’m lucky not to be hold any classified national military secrets! :grin:

(Nathaniel Suchy) #23

Thanks everyone, I ended up switching to Frantech solutions who hooked me up with Voxalitys DDoS Filtering. Using a proxy is no longer needed :grin::grin::grin:


Is it not possible to disable discourse’s parsing of these images/urls that cause the IP leak of the origin server?

Or at least make it so there is a whitelist of a certain set of domains that will be parsed?