Discourse "micro manager" setting

I run a tiny software business, and I’m trying to move my support to a public discourse forum, and build a small community amongst my customers.

I have tried to set it up so that I get an email for everything, but I keep visiting to find that I missed a customer engagement by a few days because I didn’t get the notification.

I would suggest two features for admins:

  • Micromanager mode - always email me everything no matter what
  • Email test - I’m suspicious that something is going wrong with email sending. Password reset works just fine, and my customers are getting their email notifications. It’s not in my spam. Maybe “reset password” fulfills this need…

As someone trying to use Discourse to build a community, it’s been very damaging to my opinion of it - I don’t trust it to notify me.

I’m pretty sure that I’m the one screwing up - not discourse - but it might be good if the admin on a fresh install was automatically put into “micromanager” mode until they felt the need to reduce their traffic. I’ve tried 3 times to fix it - no, really, please notify me - but I keep missing customer posts that I really wish I had gotten earlier.

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If you have mail me for every post (mailing list mode) enabled, I can’t think of any reason you would not be mailed for every post. Can you give a detailed example of when you were not notified of a new post or topic?

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I just made a test post as a different user:


So far (5 minutes), I haven’t gotten a notification email. My customers get them, just not me, and I’ve got the checkboxes above.

Is it somehow going to your spam folder? Look at email logs in admin, is it there?

T-12 minutes, the email just showed up. So it’s working, and it didn’t go to spam.

I’ve had three major spots where I missed a customer interaction and really kicked myself. Each time I went in and tried to check more boxes, but a couple weeks later I would miss another key interaction.

I didn’t record my settings changes, so I’m not sure what I changed when. Also, I don’t entirely trust that I’ll get an email when a customer responds to an existing thread, so I’m just gonna try to remember to check it manually at least once a day.

The entire time I’ve used this product, I’ve wanted an email for everything. And it took me three tries to get it to where I think I’m there maybe, but after getting burned three times I don’t trust it. Definitely might be a case of major user error, but there are 5 checkboxes, a button-ish checkbox, then a chunk of stuff unrelated to which notifications I get, then two groups of Categories which are critical to which notifications I get.

Clearly you’ve built a great product, I just want to share the story of how I shot myself in the foot with it, three times, to see if it helps you figure out how to save the next guy from himself.

You may wish to reduce the built in email delays (to allow for 5 minutes of user editing after posting) so that email happens faster for you:

  • ninja edit window (I seriously hate this name) reduce to 1 minute
  • pop3 polling period (beware, make sure your provider will not ban you for rapid polling) reduce to 1 minute

I’m not sure why you shot yourself in the foot; all that is needed is ticking the one tickbox for

Send me an email for every new post

and that’s literally it…


Thanks for the help!

If you reduce the ninja edit window (which has an awesome name, by the way), you mal also want to reduce email time window mins to the same or a slightly higher interval.



Ahhh yes thank you I missed this one. That’s the other one you want @nedtwigg – the second setting I specified was only for email replies.

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