Discourse-no-bump: prevent users from bumping topics

One of the reasons this is a plugin is that is a behavior is not what we see as default. Meta here runs a mostly default install.


Would like this setting per category – would use it for advertising categories.

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We’ve had the “no bump” plugin active for a few days now. It seems that the plugin stops the original poster from bumping their OWN topic eg: Member “A” can start a topic (Post 1) but cant be Post 2 - which is good.

However the No Bump plugin doesnt stop Member “B” from posting repeatedly, consecutively on Member A’s post… eg: A topic can look like this"

Member A (post 1…10:00 am) What sort of cars do you all like?

Member B (post 2…10:05 am) I like Fords
Member B (post 3…10:06 am) I also like Porsche
Member B (post 4…10:07 am) and BMWs
Member B (post 5…10:08 am) oh and I like Mercedes
Member B (post 6) Oh and I really really like Corvettes

Could the “no bump” plugin be modified to give the option to stop any poster replying to their own reply, not just prevent them replying to their own topic ?

or…is there a way of doing this already in the settings ?


The plugin doesn’t do this currently (as you noticed.)

The original use case was a user posting something, then repeatedly posting again to bump it when nobody noticed it. I think avoiding another user doing the same thing would involve a bunch of extra work we haven’t felt the need to do yet.


This plugin is great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Is there any reason you can think of, that new users would still able to continue bumping even with the plugin enabled and trust level set to 2 (I’ve moved it up to 4 now for testing).

It works really well on one forum, but on another new forum, which is still in bootstrap mode (users only getting TL1), seems that this isn’t stopping them.

The topics required approval and I edited them (fixed category, tags etc.) before approving them. Maybe that is relevant.


Edit: Looks like other rate limits unrelated to the no-bump plugin are being ignored as well. I’m speculating that maybe bootstrap mode is causing rate limits to be ignored.

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Yes, if the user has a lower trust level than is set by your approve unless trust level site setting, their posts will be sent to the review queue, even if the user is replying to themself. If the post is approved by a staff member, the direct reply will be allowed.

There is a similar issue if posts are created in a category that requires moderator approval of all new replies.

Since these posts are going to the review queue, I’m not sure if this is something that needs to be fixed. Staff members could choose to not approve the posts, but on some sites, this could create extra work for staff.


Ah, thanks a lot for the explanation @Simon_Cossar, now this is making sense. So if I understand correctly:

If a post would need approval normally (i.e. ‘approve post count’ - first x amount of new user posts requiring approval) or if using the category option of all replies requiring approval. Then their bump will go directly to the review queue instead of being blocked entirely with an error message, which I believe is the normal behavior.

I can see common valid use cases for blocking all bump attempts as well as alternatively sending all bumps to the review queue. I think it’s a little inconsistent though if the posts that would normally require approval go to the review queue. Especially in the case of the ‘approve post count’ option, as this would mean that new untrusted users can submit as many bumps as they like to the review queue, but trusted older members are blocked entirely from bumping.

On another note, not directly related to this plugin. I think that maybe these users who are having their posts to go directly to the review queue can also bypass site-wide rate limits? They seem to be able to bypass rate limits I’ve set for topic and post/reply creation.

Specifically these ones: rate limit create topic, rate limit new user create topic, max topics per day, rate limit create post, rate limit new user create post, unique posts mins.

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