Discourse-oauth2-basic Login Inconsistencies

We are continuing to run into issues where both employees and customers who have previously successfully logged into our discourse instance in the past is now being prompted to create a new account when they try to login again. I have verified the accounts are present in the system.

If we deactivate the account and send an activation email this gets them logged in for a short period of time until it happens again.

In this latest iteration, I have obtained a HAR file of the login attempt but would need to send that privately (thus not sharing it in the public thread).

We are using the discourse-oauth2-basic paired with Auth0. In the past we have confirmed the data being passed back to Discourse when logging in is correct. Yet it still asks these edge case users to create a new account.

We seriously need help overcoming this hurdle. Please advise, thank you.

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How are the accounts supposed to be associated? By email address, or by the UID from Auth0?

Is there any way the UIDs could have changed on Auth0?

If you PM me the HAR file I can take a look, although I can’t promise I’ll be able to solve it with only that. If you have verbose authentication logs from the server that would also be useful.


Has someone recently enabled enable local logins on that instance?


Confirmed no.

UID and there isn’t any modification on them.

I will send this your way and we can build out from there :+1:

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