Discourse Preset Topic Composer

:discourse2: Summary Add presets to your new topic button
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link GitHub - discourse/discourse-preset-topic-composer: preset composer
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It adds presets to new topic button.

Here are a few images of the plugin in action:

The new topic button has two presets in this example: new question and new event

I’ve selected new question for this example; it has a tag_group to be selected, and it was added in the composer without the user having to select the bug tag.

If I try to publish this topic without selecting the tag_group it will flag that I must fill out the required fields.

When published, it looks like this:


This plugin uses json_schema to configure it.

Here is a print of how I made new question button.

general configs:

tag group config:

tag_group can be the name of any tag group


  • Init!


  • the composer does not behave the same when editing. Maybe this is a feature for the future

An interesting idea. Could this be made to work with form-templates?

Ie based on template chosen for topic it automatically adds a Tag?

Definitely can see this & form-templates could be a good pairing.

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Yes!! Exactly!

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How do we target a template-form selected to automatically assign tag?

I love this feature!

I would also like a setting to position this button in the site header!

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