Discourse Private Replies

I always forget that, sorry. I’ve put the MIT license on it.

Looking forward to the new features!


Do you think you could add a category setting to force this to be enabled on all posts in a category?

Edit: After using this, I’m thinking I’d want all replied to be hidden, including from staff and the OP. Do you think that this is something that could be added? I’m using this in conjunction with the Wizards plugin to make an application forum - I’m wanting the application itself to be visible for transparency but responses to it should be confidential.

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I’m accepting pull requests, or I can add extra functionality as a paid project.

I am not sure if I understand you correctly.
If no one can see the posts from staff or the OP, why would they bother posting?


I was thinking of using it to report bugs or exploits. Thinking about it more I might be able to just make replies moderated. I appreciate your time and thank you for replying and great work on the plug-in! :slight_smile: