Discourse refused to load with CSP policy error after rebuild


I just upgraded discourse and reinstalled with “tests-passed” as “stable” was giving me mini_racer error. After installation, I am getting a blank page and log shows the following error.

Refused to load https://www.domain.com/community/assets/browser-update-1741a2ed67a367faeb0a582af064457e8b1b1354e52e6efcf8bf26301166dec8.js because it does not appear in the script-src directive of the Content Security Policy.

However, I don’t think if I have enabled CSP in the server configuration.

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There were some changes to the csp stuff lately. How long has it been since your last upgrade?

You might need to modify those site settings at the rails console.

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well I am upgrading after several days or maybe 2-3 months I do not even remember…

However, I removed the images and installed from scratch but its still the same.

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CSP is now on by default, but for some reason, your instance isn’t working right. You can disable CSP temporarily by:

./launcher enter app
rails c

and then in the rails console

SiteSetting.content_security_policy = false

yes its working now. Thank you. When will stable release be available? I mean currently its giving me mini racer error.

Update: Now I am unable to restore the previous backup which I made on stable release, but this time as stable is giving error so I am using tests-passed.

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