Discourse Research - Looking for Interviewees!

Hello all! I’m working with @HAWK and the Discourse community team on a research project to better understand how companies evaluate and buy community software. Our goal is to help make Discourse even better, and I’m hoping to recruit people to interview!

I’m hoping to conduct 30-minute interviews with people who meet the following criteria:

  1. Currently work or in the past five years worked for a company that paid for community software (doesn’t have to be Discourse, it can be a competitor and in fact this perspective is really valuable!), again within the past five years
  2. Were closely involved in the purchasing process/purchase decision and can speak to how it evolved (specific job title doesn’t matter)

In terms of the actual content of the conversation, it’ll likely cover how their community operates and what the decision-making process looked like (priorities, options, pain points, etc)

I am happy to anonymize the conversation, and answer other questions. If you fit this criteria, feel free to reply here or PM me. If you know other people in your network who might fit this criteria, please feel free to forward the message. If they’re ok with it, you can PM me their contact info and I’ll get in touch directly.