Discourse RSS Polling Plugin - Constantly Editing Posts

Hi All,

I am using the Discourse RSS Polling plugin on my self hosted Discourse forum to pull different RSS feeds with each Item in the RSS feed being a new topic in a category.

This is working well for most RSS feeds but I am having issues where every time the RSS Polling Frequency occurs and the plugin checks the RSS feed, all the Items/Topics from that RSS feed are “Edited” in Discourse.

For most feeds this does not occur but on some feeds this is happening every time Discourse pulls the RSS feed (currently set to every 10 mins). Therefore that category always appears as the “Latest” because its topics are being “Edited” every 10 mins.

I have even found an RSS feed where the above issue only occurs to a single Item in the RSS feed and not all the topics. Therefore only one topic in the category is “Edited” every 10 minutes while the rest of the topics remain updated only when there is a new item in the RSS feed.

Can anyone look into the Discourse RSS Polling and see why an Item in a feed could be considered “Updated” or “Edited” and therefore how that flows into the Discourse topics? I have manually pulled the feed myself and I cannot see any differences in pulling the RSS feed at different times.

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