Discourse specialist needed for integration work

(Craig Oda) #1

I am also trying to find a Discourse consultant. Actually, I am looking to build a list of specialists. I work for a small consulting firm in Palo Alto, CA. We specialize in developer relations. I often get approached by companies that want help with building a community.

As part of the solution, I am looking for people that can build the web site, possibly on AWS or HP Cloud, possibly using wordpress, with a blog and forum. The comments on the blog should be handled by discourse.

One possible client is a hardware hacking user group that showcases a hack of the week on the front of the site, an application gallery and a forum.

Please send me information on your background and rates if this type of work is interesting.

(Sam Saffron) #2

FYI I moved this post to a new topic, no need to piggy back the old one.

(Craig Oda) #3

Thanks for your help. I didn’t realize it was possible to move a topic. Nice feature.

I can probably find a way to get Discourse up and running. I’m going to need it to work with WordPress with the comment integration. The first screen of the site will need to be a web page with an application of the week on it that highlights a cool hack and person.

BTW, I see that you’re a co-founder. Cool and congrats.

(Jeff Atwood) #4