Discourse Subscriptions

Newbie question.

I installed the old version some months ago. Set up the Stripe info but not set up any subscriptions.

Now the plugin is an official Discourse plugin, what is the procedure to switch to the official version?

Is it simply amending the app.yml file, and replacing https://github.com/rimian/discourse-subscriptions.git with https://github.com/discourse/discourse-subscriptions.git , and then ./launcher rebuild app?


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It’s as simple as that!


Do know this is on my mind and I’m working through a solution for this. I’m planning to do a big sweep of work next week on this plugin.


Both of these issues are fixed here:

I believe the reason you’re not finding this text is that it’s generated by Stripe’s checkout UI we use and/or returned by their API on the server-side.

More improvements coming soon :slight_smile:


Big refactor today.

Should be no breaking changes here, but the plumbing on the backend needed reworking to allow the changes it needs regarding anonymous users. Post here if you see any issues with this plugin after deploying this commit.


Great to see this evolving, thanks for your work! :slight_smile:

I know that this might be a complex and tedious topic, but are there any plans to tackle the legal challenges that come with paid memberships, eg. proper invoices and receipts that show the appropriate VAT etc.? As far as I can see it, it would make sense to have at least a default tax rate - created in the Stripe dashboard - that could be attached to each subscription. What do you think?

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I’d love to see a breakdown of what Stripe is missing (or if something needs to be configurable in the plugin via Stripe), as I’d rather rely on their API vs chasing regulations ourselves.


I think a tax rate should be configurable in the plugin, because you can attach a tax rate to a subscription via Stripe dashboard later on somehow, but not to the first payment/invoice. This is only possible upfront, as far as I know.

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