Add different payment methods to discourse subscription

Hello there,

I’ve setup the discourse subscription plugin and it works very well.
In Stripe I activated some other payment methods like pay by bank account (which is quite common here in Germany) and also girocard.

When I setup a payment link by Stripe this works finde. But not in discourse subscription.
How do I get these payment methods into the discourse payment dialog?


That’ll take some work to add the other templates to handle those. I’m not clear what changes would need to get made the the back end.

I would need to check the stripe side to know if it’s 2 hours work or 8.

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Is there anything I can help with to clear this up?

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Sure, check the stripe api to see what’s required to add those two methods, add it to the template and submit a PR.

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Sorry, but I am lost now.

Where or how do I find what is necessary in the API? How do I add it to the template (I am on a hosted install)? What is a PR?

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Those are things that are beyond the scope of the support you can get here. If you have a budget, you can ask in marketplace.

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Sorry if I did something wrong to ask these things.
I use the official plugin discourse subscription which has a Stripe integration and I was wondering, why the payment methods are not show up when someone is willing to subscribe.

My expectation was or is, that they should show up, because I do not read on any information to the plug in, that only credit card is available.

So I asked here how do I get the other ones to show up. You said, you need to have a look into stripe to know how much work it will be. I asked if there is something I can help to clear this up. And then you me some technical stuff I do not understand…

All in all: English isn’t my native language and I am also no programmer. Also I am new to discourse at all.

So I do not understand the kind of how you answered me. I even don’t know who you are. You have no team symbol. I thought the subscription is a official plugin. Or is it yours?

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Sorry that I haven’t been more clear.

It is an official plugin. I did not develop it, but I’ve been looking at it rather closely lately.

It sounded to me like you know how to configure stripe to allow those other payment methods, so I bet you’ve done it right.

Unless there is something I’ve missed in the plugin code (which is possible, but I’m pretty sure that Discourse is what displays the payment page and not code from stripe) I think that the plugin would need to be changed to support payment methods other than credit cards.

Maybe someone else will have some other ideas.

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I have moved this to being a feature request so when we look to slot some work for the subscriptions plugin, we can better see this to pick.


In the Stripe backend I just had to click Activate-button. I don’t had to study therefore. :smiley:

But thanks for your replies.

Thanks for that. I hope this won’t be last too long. :wink:


This is a very sensible and reasonable request. Many modern platforms have this functionality (Ko-Fi, Shopify, etc). Why is the Discourse functionality inherently limited and sub-par in comparison?

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Because no one has wanted to pay to develop support for other payment services. If you’ve got the budget, sign up to the Enterprise plan, post in marketplace, or have a look at the plugin development guides.


@toby, I’ve slipped your post over to a similar open feature request so your voice doesn’t get lost in a support topic. :+1: