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Is there a way to add PayPal, Apple/Google Pay to this plugin?

Not currently. Just Stripe for now.

Some of the customer are getting this error and can’t pay: Customer not found.

Logs in Stripe read this:

HTTP status code
422 (Unprocessable Entity)

“errors”: [
“customer not found”

The amount of failure is around 10%. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Our users are getting this type of error very often. I also have a large amount of error logs when I check web hooks status on Stripe. Can someone point me what could be the issue?

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In order to help debug this can you let me know where users are seeing this error?

Is it when they click subscribe? Checking their billing?

Can you impersonate the user and make the error happen and find something in the logs (though it’s pretty clear that it’s somehow not got the right customer ID in the database)

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When they click subscribe.

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Have they paid for something before?

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No, they didn’t pay. That seems odd to me, are customer tokens generated for every user by default without ordering something first?

My guess is that something failed when it tried to create the customer record.

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Can I use these plugin with another payment gateway, not Stripe?

Not currently. Just Stripe for now. Is there a specific payment gateway you are looking to use? It would be nice to know what people are interested in using so that we could look into adding those at some point.

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Something like


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Any that truly respect privacy.

It’s currently possible to add discounts based on trust levels?

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(bot with cryptopayments)


(for person)

(for company)


Hello :wave:

Hi, I’m trying to set it up for the first time and have noticed this problem.

I tried to delete it to start over, but I noticed that and don’t see any way to delete a price with a plan.

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Thanks for bringing these issues up!

I just fixed the issue with the loading spinner always showing:

Ya, looks like we are missing delete buttons for the prices. I’ll add that to my list to fix. In the meantime though you can go into Stripe and delete the prices from there.